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Doing this NLzone thing. Don't have a real job.

£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway
£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway
8 maanden geleden
Collateraldamage - 7 uur geleden
On the 10 minute mark you go to the thing everyone was here to watch, respect
Logan.Cherry - 8 uur geleden
"6:20" I just got from here *** I am playing on my Mobile now
Ethan Ķ
Ethan Ķ - 8 uur geleden
mystxry -_-
mystxry -_- - 8 uur geleden
I genuinely felt bad when he trained for it and didn't make the kong but everyone else did it
trick shot king
trick shot king - 8 uur geleden
I was 0 at the time
mystxry -_-
mystxry -_- - 9 uur geleden
The only time I've seen one of these videos where the pro isn't just like ok lets get this over with hector is actually enjoying it and being engaged
PurplePete - 9 uur geleden
This was the best game out of the 3
mystxry -_-
mystxry -_- - 10 uur geleden
Fun fact, Chris has scored 0 points in his own challenge across 3 different best of 5s
James McGuire
James McGuire - 10 uur geleden
TheBomDotCom - 10 uur geleden
Add ends at 9:13
KindEndymion823 - 10 uur geleden
He stopped shaving so he can get a manscaped ad.
Pawit Ninnabodee
Pawit Ninnabodee - 10 uur geleden
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Liam Smith
Liam Smith - 10 uur geleden
When Harry scored one of those bicycle kicks they were playing Pittsburgh riverhounds scoring music
BTW Glock
BTW Glock - 11 uur geleden
Ah... it seems ollie has become the legendary keeper we all knew he was
Crivuw - 11 uur geleden
saw the video months ago and now i realise it was fake 😟
fletchycles - 12 uur geleden
i feel like iv seen this before....
Vebjørn Fosshaug
Vebjørn Fosshaug - 13 uur geleden
Old Chris👍🏻
Emma Joyce
Emma Joyce - 13 uur geleden
O my god
nobite - 13 uur geleden
My favourite part is this😂22:34
Rhys Latchford
Rhys Latchford - 14 uur geleden
Mad how this was 4 years ago
Jude Bailey
Jude Bailey - 14 uur geleden
Being in a box is for shit fans just to flex your money being outside is the best in the atmosphere unlike the plastic bastards sat with a blanket on
Matei Foca
Matei Foca - 14 uur geleden
CITY HDEH - 15 uur geleden
SRiChannel - 15 uur geleden
Cesc sounds like Wario
houndmaster5 - 15 uur geleden
im late but whats the song at 20:00
KadenXLS - 16 uur geleden
Nobody: 9 year olds on Rocket League when they are losing 11-0: 5:10
MUFC Oles at the wheel
MUFC Oles at the wheel - 16 uur geleden
Jeez on the thumbnail even his hair was better when he was healthy
Scott Walker
Scott Walker - 17 uur geleden
He said Mark has better hair than me 😭😭 The phrase ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this’ springs to mind
Callum Chin-See
Callum Chin-See - 17 uur geleden
All the names are good and then: Christopher Michael schumacher
Dex Dekker
Dex Dekker - 17 uur geleden
Keeper doesn’t even jump come on my dog can do better In goal
Kingsley Bridgforth
Kingsley Bridgforth - 17 uur geleden
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Kingsley Bridgforth
Kingsley Bridgforth - 17 uur geleden
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Ahgaash Mohan
Ahgaash Mohan - 18 uur geleden
6:28 The thumbnail (yes I am watching in 2021)
Clang Motorsports
Clang Motorsports - 18 uur geleden
It really isn’t
Tim Cooker
Tim Cooker - 18 uur geleden
Can't believe the el-neny was the best one
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott - 19 uur geleden
2:13 he looks like a tomato hahahaha
Emily Lock
Emily Lock - 20 uur geleden
3 years later and I have only just got the plug joke🤦🏻‍♀️
Obunike Okafor
Obunike Okafor - 21 uur geleden
Noyjoyvz - 21 uur geleden
I can’t believe he got Suarez and messi
MixItUpWithZak - 21 uur geleden
I dont remember much people loving wrath of cortex
Fish Gilman
Fish Gilman - 21 uur geleden
Back when Harry had as much beard as jj
Recon Rexoz
Recon Rexoz - 22 uur geleden
Is it just me or does ChrisMD look like de jong more than messi
UCHAI 7 - 23 uur geleden
Great poem
Amin Aslani
Amin Aslani - 23 uur geleden
he lost this pace after the injury...
Dylan 12
Dylan 12 - 23 uur geleden
Pretty much all of Ollie saves went onto the woodwork how???
Omar Omerika
Omar Omerika - 23 uur geleden
Bell quick as shit
Niall Connor
Niall Connor - 23 uur geleden
This is the best fut series of all time
SammyTheSmoggie - 23 uur geleden
Ha ha lol
Gamer Noor
Gamer Noor - 23 uur geleden
Yes zlatan can
NickyBoi101 - Dag geleden
1:10 well Chris......
Harry Oliverharper
Harry Oliverharper - Dag geleden
Back when Chris had braces, the good days.
Miami Boyz
Miami Boyz - Dag geleden
Please bring back Ronaldinho’s recruitment series in fifa 21 pleaseee like if you agree he should bring it back
Anhad Chauhan
Anhad Chauhan - Dag geleden
Eugene - Dag geleden
Just realised how different Harry looks compared to now
Oriental_mnt - Dag geleden
medio tieso no ma hermanito pero the shit is good
Shamla Noushad
Shamla Noushad - Dag geleden
Eedo Eedo
Eedo Eedo - Dag geleden
My guy really just said suuoccer
(Annamaria) Annamaria Leirvag
(Annamaria) Annamaria Leirvag - Dag geleden
You were shaking in every shot where you nervous
Hakeem Lwel
Hakeem Lwel - Dag geleden
6:13 Thank me later
ChrisMd full time comedian
Golf479 - Dag geleden
Dude at the beginning the smashing of the controller was hilarious
Uzair Dakri
Uzair Dakri - Dag geleden
Anthony Cioccio
Anthony Cioccio - Dag geleden
Why’s Harry wearing a city jersey as a chelsea fan, disgrace
dmetri Hylton
dmetri Hylton - Dag geleden
how is chrismd so calm around him
The Best Soccer Clips
The Best Soccer Clips - Dag geleden
Does anyone see the dude next o Chris on the monkey bars? What a legend
Fcook09 - Dag geleden
Chris’s dad > Bruno fernandes
Tom Bodiam
Tom Bodiam - Dag geleden
Wait wtf this was 5 months ago???
S R - Dag geleden
what about speed of ball
Ford R
Ford R - Dag geleden
Who else has watched this at least once a month since it first came out
PANDA - Dag geleden
Well you can tell Chris has never seen American football
BTW Glock
BTW Glock - Dag geleden
19:11 delightful
Anthony Grannum
Anthony Grannum - Dag geleden
Bro do more trying to score bangers in fifa
Keiron Elijah Earsdon HINES
Keiron Elijah Earsdon HINES - Dag geleden
When’s the next one?!?!
Twnight Place
Twnight Place - Dag geleden
Did will say it went a little Irish
Pawit Ninnabodee
Pawit Ninnabodee - Dag geleden
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Pawit Ninnabodee
Pawit Ninnabodee - Dag geleden
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Ben Mant
Ben Mant - Dag geleden
Mate if I was you I would have just thrown the disc in the sea and myself along with it.
Phillip Turner
Phillip Turner - Dag geleden
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N L - Dag geleden
You need way better tables or at least to put them together better haha