Cesc Fàbregas vs. ChrisMD | ARSENAL v CHELSEA Football Challenge

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The one footballer I've always wanted to meet...
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Qwla - Dag geleden
Hugh Wizzy in net lets go
Simeon Mica
Simeon Mica - 2 dagen geleden
You look good in blue Chris. 😉😁
SquealingSalamander65 - 3 dagen geleden
Is there a guy from Chris’s childhood that he hasn’t met yet?
Ralf Farrell Alazia
Ralf Farrell Alazia - 3 dagen geleden
14:23 imagine telling Cesc to behave like ahahha
Joseph Dick
Joseph Dick - 6 dagen geleden
I go for Chelsea
Timpa Mckenzie
Timpa Mckenzie - 8 dagen geleden
He wasn’t smiling one bit
ThrillGam1n9 09
ThrillGam1n9 09 - 16 dagen geleden
With Lucas torreira from arsenal FC
Isuru Kumaratunga
Isuru Kumaratunga - 16 dagen geleden
hey chris can i please know what the music is during thepenalty shootout>
Felix Smith-Frankenberg
Felix Smith-Frankenberg - 18 dagen geleden
Cheers Jeff🤣
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway - 21 dag geleden
Him meeting cesc would be like me meeting pogba or ronaldo
Dev's sports IQ
Dev's sports IQ - 22 dagen geleden
Poor Cesc...Had to deal with rules the maker never understood himself.
Neymar PSG
Neymar PSG - 22 dagen geleden
Cris say link there is no link my man
Banana Matt
Banana Matt - Maand geleden
Can we have a moment of silence for the penalty spot at 4:40-4:45
Dhruv passi
Dhruv passi - Maand geleden
I gagged at the sponsored part
TCW StrikeZ
TCW StrikeZ - Maand geleden
F’s in the chat for Hugh, you will always be remembered, even after 2 years mate
Dogmanthing - Maand geleden
He seems so...like able
vyal lorrick
vyal lorrick - Maand geleden
When chris told him to behave himself 😂😂😭
Nayla Pervez
Nayla Pervez - Maand geleden
Cesc is so sound!!!
FNC TryharDevill
FNC TryharDevill - Maand geleden
The fact that he did the whole thing with his car keys in his pocket is mindblowing 🤣
mYSt Pug
mYSt Pug - Maand geleden
Just me or does chris look better in a chelsea shirt than an arsenal shirt?
Charbel Hawat
Charbel Hawat - Maand geleden
How much do you pay the goalkeeper to let you score!! like 50££
Spin That Wheel
Spin That Wheel - 2 maanden geleden
This goalie should go pro
tdmbestusgamer Rus
tdmbestusgamer Rus - 2 maanden geleden
You should get Lesons from cesc
aidan sussex
aidan sussex - 2 maanden geleden
i know villa lost that game but we'v still won alot of games
Remi Shehab
Remi Shehab - 2 maanden geleden
Chris: I think with some actually defenders I might have been tackled...

Well, their fault for not turning up, really
LOL that made me laugh
Rocky5701 - 2 maanden geleden
Cesc is probably thinking ‘how the fuck does he remember a free kick against Aston Villa?’
Joel DS
Joel DS - 3 maanden geleden
Anyone watching this after fa cup final
Hadi Abdo
Hadi Abdo - 3 maanden geleden
Whos here after arsenal won the FA cup
Davey Steenbergen
Davey Steenbergen - 3 maanden geleden
That final still hurts me as a dutchman
Saksham Ahluwalia
Saksham Ahluwalia - 3 maanden geleden
You look good in chelsea blue!!
Maikel Korano
Maikel Korano - 3 maanden geleden
Maikel Korano
Maikel Korano - 3 maanden geleden
Markus1826 Andre
Markus1826 Andre - 3 maanden geleden
no not Thierry Henry Fabregas the person who left arsenal
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson - 3 maanden geleden
Cesc is a lovely guy
MrAvocado - 3 maanden geleden
I feel bad for Cesc’s Fifa Stats.
FIFA 15: 84 Rating
FIFA 16: 87 Rating
FIFA 17: 86 Rating
FIFA 18: 86 Rating
FIFA 19: 84 Rating
FIFA 20: 81 Rating
kaiserHD Booi
kaiserHD Booi - 3 maanden geleden
Spain has the best midfielders
Yvan Sainathan
Yvan Sainathan - 3 maanden geleden
Chris has the audacity to ask cesc fabregas to play through balls to him😂😂😂
George Korytko
George Korytko - 3 maanden geleden
if football doesn’t work out for cesc he could always be a youtuber
maikonor - 3 maanden geleden
rewatching this, but as a dutchman this still hurts a lot...
Shanti Sridhar
Shanti Sridhar - 3 maanden geleden
Why do almost every youtuber support chelsea or arsenal
Ross Evans
Ross Evans - 4 maanden geleden
Past his best...still love him though 👍🏼
VTkidd - 4 maanden geleden
Was I the only one who noticed that when Chris got his penalty saved in the sidemen match. Goalie was off the line
Paul Holban
Paul Holban - 4 maanden geleden
His videos are so underrated
Azril Aqiel
Azril Aqiel - 4 maanden geleden
I love cesc's reaction when he hit the post
zence - 4 maanden geleden
No one
Chris: cesck
Dhruv Nagrani
Dhruv Nagrani - 4 maanden geleden
The Chelsea jersey really suits u tho
Sov1et cat
Sov1et cat - 4 maanden geleden
chris is an arsenal fan and wants to record a video with cesc the traitor
jerriejoen de Vries
jerriejoen de Vries - 4 maanden geleden
2:54 no not that one😭😭
Will Kidd
Will Kidd - 4 maanden geleden
“is the shop open” absolutely killed me ahahahah
Samuel Marquez
Samuel Marquez - 4 maanden geleden
1:15 he’s like Chris is a fuckin* weirdo 😂
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man - 4 maanden geleden
Now he’s stuck in Monaco..
Yung Juli77
Yung Juli77 - 4 maanden geleden
Cesc the only footballer that will enjoy making a long video like that
use code byarteer in the item shop
Cesc first penalty Chris's was so up his arse , he rolled it into the bottom corner , any one can do that
Dotz Music
Dotz Music - 2 maanden geleden
I was thinking the same ksi could of scored that goal chris wouldn't of said a word lol cos it's fabregas hes up his ass
Hannes JS
Hannes JS - 4 maanden geleden
Chris is trying to touch him as much as possible
Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham - 4 maanden geleden
Why did the beat drop when Chris took about 5 seconds to take a shit shot
The Fan Boy
The Fan Boy - 4 maanden geleden
You should film with Neymar or Hazard
Augster17 - 4 maanden geleden
Hes kinda shite a football
Sarit Nehushtan
Sarit Nehushtan - 4 maanden geleden
Chris hasn’t filmed with Messi
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC - 4 maanden geleden
When Chris was expressing his emotions to Cesc Fabregas, Fabregas was like..."Cool." and Chris looked embarrassed.
Dexter Cumberpatch
Dexter Cumberpatch - 4 maanden geleden
Manno Kolvoort
Manno Kolvoort - 4 maanden geleden
Any other people from the Netherlands who gets a weird unhappy feeling when watching 2:45?
Armin Xvs
Armin Xvs - 4 maanden geleden
I have to be honest - I do slightly disrespect players that stop for a quick moment just before kicking the penalty. Always seems kinda cheap and unfair for the goalie. Just straight up kick and see how good you are. The last one he did not stop was the closest one to be saved. Hmmm...
FIFER - 4 maanden geleden
That's the point of penalties, that they are unfair to a gk. How can you disrespect a player for trying to score in a legal way?
Stealth Rift
Stealth Rift - 5 maanden geleden
Is it.... *chris here* 😂
Jules Gold
Jules Gold - 5 maanden geleden
I hate how much cesc doesnt like this
Kamyar Dokoohaki
Kamyar Dokoohaki - 5 maanden geleden
The best. 👏👏
Sean Moynihan
Sean Moynihan - 5 maanden geleden
18:20 inside the box ???
Sean Moynihan
Sean Moynihan - 5 maanden geleden
12:20 my new favourite player
Claire Ballard
Claire Ballard - 5 maanden geleden
the shake of those keys in the 1 on 1
Bradley Kpemou
Bradley Kpemou - 5 maanden geleden
MaxDeLang - 5 maanden geleden
Chris the fact that you put the idea of recreating the wc 2010 final goal, had made me lose all my respect for you. HOLLAND❤❤
Harry Scott
Harry Scott - 5 maanden geleden
when you tell cesc fabregas to behave himself
Why Me
Why Me - 5 maanden geleden
Fabregas finessed the crossbar challenge when Chris went for a bit more power idk fabregas had better attempts but I shouldn’t be shocked by that
Ryan O'Loughlin
Ryan O'Loughlin - 5 maanden geleden
Arsenal needs this goalie!!!
Turd Polisher
Turd Polisher - 5 maanden geleden
It makes me feel uncomfortable how many times Chris high fived cesc
Sophie Osullivan
Sophie Osullivan - 5 maanden geleden
What’s the song at 7:00 please somone 🙏🏻
Márton Monos
Márton Monos - 5 maanden geleden
6:27 casually judging a world class midfielders through ball "yeah thats perfect" bruh its in his veins im dead
finley Henry
finley Henry - 6 maanden geleden
You look like masson mount
Yusuf Mohammed
Yusuf Mohammed - 6 maanden geleden
Wow long time since the last comment
Majed ALRasheed
Majed ALRasheed - 6 maanden geleden
When cesc says ohhhh he sounds like luigi
Eugene got Beats
Eugene got Beats - 6 maanden geleden
Hes definitely sandbagging lmao
Ruben the legend
Ruben the legend - 6 maanden geleden
A fabregas chelsa shot😂
rummy Singh
rummy Singh - 6 maanden geleden
Mister Anon
Mister Anon - 6 maanden geleden
14:23 telling Cesc Fabregas to “behave yourself” that’s gotta be one of the cooler things Chris has done
Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson - 6 maanden geleden
He sounded like Waluigi 😂😂😂
Raheem Plummer
Raheem Plummer - 6 maanden geleden
arsenal will never make it to UEFA!!
Aris Karountzos
Aris Karountzos - 7 maanden geleden
Anyone notice the word practicing in the subtitles at 5:06 was misspelled?
Justin Winters
Justin Winters - 7 maanden geleden
im dutch..... YOU SAY ASSISTING WINNING GOAL FOR SPAIN?!?!?! in the 2010 world cup
XwellX - 7 maanden geleden
Look at fabragas neck
Kai Trotter
Kai Trotter - 7 maanden geleden
Cesc looked like he didn't want to be there lol
ThatOtherChristian - 7 maanden geleden
Bro go Chelsea, better the arsenal
Angus Williams
Angus Williams - 7 maanden geleden
Pires currently crying
Finn Osborn
Finn Osborn - 7 maanden geleden
Love you Cesc
Beast_Smitt - 7 maanden geleden
Cheers Jeff
The King
The King - 7 maanden geleden
6,5 milion times people has watched this? This guy absolutely sucks..
Shah Major
Shah Major - 7 maanden geleden
Goalie rating: 69! good lml
TeNtyy. - 7 maanden geleden
my brother is better than the keeper
Daniel Joyce
Daniel Joyce - 7 maanden geleden
Couldn't help but notice Chris was wearing F2 Merch
Jekuwu - 7 maanden geleden
How's the 81 Monaco card cesc
Twin Prankz
Twin Prankz - 7 maanden geleden
Anyone know the SONG name at 4:45? OR 14:25? please thank you
Tommy Hurst
Tommy Hurst - 8 maanden geleden
Chris md... has a dream job....2020...